A Quinn Martin Production

by Alice and Dinah


A list of our favorite titles for episodes of “Cannon” in chronological order.  “Cannon” ran from 1971 until 1976 on the CBS Network. The series was enjoyably shitty but not memorable; however, we can read these, close our eyes, and make things up.

Death Chain

Call Unicorn

Scream of Silence

The Girl in the Electric Coffin

No Pockets in the Shroud

Stone, Cold Dead

Death Is a Double Cross

The Nowhere Man

Blood on the Vine

To Kill a Guinea Pig

The Island Caper

A Deadly Quiet Town

Cain’s Mark

Murder by Moonlight

Bad Cats and Sudden Death

Sky Above, Death Below

Bitter Legion

That Was No Lady

The Rip Off

Child of Fear

Hard Rock Roller Coaster

The Dead Samaritan

Death of a Stone Seahorse

Murder for Murder

To Ride a Tiger

The Seventh Grave

Press Pass to the Slammer

Deadly Heritage

He Who Digs a Grave (Part 1)

Memo from a Dead Man

Hounds of Hell

Target in the Mirror

Murder by Proxy

Night Flight to Murder

Come Watch Me Die

The Dead Lady’s Tears

The Limping Man

Trial by Terror

Valley of the Damned

A Well Remembered Terror

Arena of Fear

Where’s Jennifer?

Bobby Loved Me

A Killing in the Family


The Man Who Couldn’t Forget

The Sounds of Silence

Coffin Corner

Perfect Fit for a Frame

Missing at FL307

Lady on the Run

Tomorrow Ends at Noon

The Iceman

The Man Who Died Twice

The Melted Man

The Games Children Play

The Quasar Kill

Point After Death



Images taken from the brilliant title sequence: