It started here

by Luke Harby


It started here with a fairly mediocre 35mm print which I covered with an X in black tape, and then reshot on 120mm. The first image was shot in 2003 and the second image wasn’t shot until 2008.

During the Summer of 2003 I travelled to Finland and Northern Norway and shot  photographs during periods of 24 hour daylight. On my return to the UK I purchased a lot of Fuji crystal photographic paper and hired a darkroom at my local university for one week. The largest prints are represented by 100 20 x 24 inch images. Due to the nature of working in the colour darkroom many ‘mistakes’ came through the processing machine. Incorrect colour correction and filtering, prints being mangled by the machinery, blemishes on the negative, being the most common.

This year I pinned a selection of those prints around my studio and reshot them.

In addition to the first shot I also made this.

(I never shoot black and white and the original image of the mountains is not my own.  Photography is dead.)

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