music / part one

by annene


Earlier this evening a COD-co sent me a list of music industry personalities to “say something smart about.”  This is a noble assignment and I accept the challenge.

It’s possible that by labeling the below-mentioned list “music industry personalities” rather than “musicians” or “groups” I’ve already said something smart.  By the way, in microcosm, I define “smart” as my ability to debate and defend the denomination I’ve saddled these entities with.  In macrocosm, I hope this is the end of non-essential quotation marks as we know them in this article.

APHEX TWIN:  Proof that Pop Will Not Always Eat Itself….and that yesterday’s amusing and occasionally astounding abstractions are tomorrows’ electro orphans (see the accompanying image, which I, as a music fan, find rather poignant.)

Is this a good thing?  I could argue either side.




BLACK SABBATH:  Thanks for carrying the torch, guys…Not the torch of My Generation, who were defined by the likes of Aerosmith and Peter Frampton, but for our pre-generation, a big brother of sorts.

It’s not a real generation in case you were wondering, but rather an essential demarcation, especially when you’re talking about whatever decade is really important to you.

BOARDS OF CANADA:  Make Out Music For People Who Are Too Canny To Care About Orgasms.



CHARLES MINGUS:  Mingus was my gateway to jazz because Mingus is the intersection between jazz that women listen to and jazz that men listen to, and I play “Ah Um” and am suspended between sexes.

Mingus is the musical intonation of the ideas expressed in this article, which you really might want to read some day:

(For those of you who don’t want to read; the article discusses the anger and disenfranchisement shared by black males and white women back in the day, and probably today.  I’m not guessing as I’ve been off the market for a while.)

Mingus was outraged by the stupidity of racism and attempted to bludgeon it to death with music.  Women are doing that at the moment with the sexism.

CLOUD NOTHINGS:  I got nothings.

(to be continueds…)